Thursday, August 30, 2007

What happens on Thursdays

Usually nothing much happens here on Thursdays. Sometimes we see a few customers, amuse a few tourists, pass along some fun ideas for lunch/dinner. Mostly it is a work day. To that end, today I decided to take a few hours off to zip on down to Ithaca to look for some garden mums. We found enough to really make a show of things. My hope is that since they will be planted in the ground early, we'll be able to count on repeat showings for years to come.

More thoughts on the platters:
Finding a venue for exhibiting these platters has always been hard. They cross the line between pottery, sculpture, and painting. Galleries have a hard time committing to them due to their size. The smallest ones are over 15in in diameter. The largest ones are nearly three feet in diameter.

Nancy and I are now trying to figure out how to best promote them. Ideas anyone?

Little stuff

I am consistently amazed at the simplicity of the blog concept. Seems almost inane. An online diary for those compulsive enough to write. Hmmm. Reason enough to exist I guess. Tomorrow (today really) will be a day of finishing up batterbowls, trimming mixing bowls and hopefully cleaning up the photo shooting area. Days like today and yesterday make me wish we were able to use strobes for our lighting rig. Maybe someday!

More thoughts on the Platters

Considering that it has been nearly ten years since these platters have been seen, one might wonder why all the sudden interest? Well, after putting up a few (8) about a year ago for our Holiday Show here in the studio, we found a fair amount of interest from folks wanting to see more. Most recently we were asked to submit images for a Ceramics Monthly advertisement for galleries. So, it seemed like a perfectly good time to re-introduce the clay community and ceramics collectors alike, to these platters once again.

From my perspective, it is all new. I remember making some of them, or parts of them. After nearly 10 years though, each platter is all new when it comes out of the packing crates. My wife has never seen any of these and my daughter was too young to remember any of these being made. Christmas surprise for EVERYONE.