Friday, March 26, 2010

A Week & Some

©2010 Cold Springs Studio Photography - Alex Solla

Last Wednesday I spent the afternoon shooting interior images for the Hayward House Bed and Breakfast in Interlaken NY. I cannot imagine a property that more embodies the essence of a bed and breakfast. While I've never sampled from their breakfast fare, I can say without reservation, that their home is one I would recommend to any friend of ours. Every single little detail has been thought out meticulously.

Having spent the past decade slowly renovating our studio (and in little ways, our house), I can say that Michelle and Kevin have done far more than renovate. They have lifted this home into a whole other realm. Each room has more stories than I can count. I can certainly imagine guests deciding that a day NOT doing anything, and simply staying put at the B&B would be a great way to spend the day.

Which brings us to today. I was asked to reshoot some of the images that just didn't make the cut last week. It's part of the job. Sometimes you get it dead-on, straight out of the gate. Other times you go round and round. Today I was lucky enough to have Michelle join me as artistic director, grip, tour guide and art critic. Wearing all those hats made it possible for me to focus on making sure each image we made served their needs for their website and promotion. I think this level of symbiosis is critical for creative collaboration to bear fruit. It also makes the time FLY!

©2010 Cold Springs Studio Photography - Alex Solla

Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Pots just keep on coming

©2010 Cold Springs Studio Pottery - Alex Solla

©2010 Cold Springs Studio Pottery - Alex Solla

I haven't blogged much about making pots lately. By and large, it's because it has been very difficult to make work since the surgery. Each firing brings with it though, a sense of what is to come. No matter how great a firing turns out, the next BEST pot is always in the next firing. This week the firing was nearly all Cranberry. Unfortunately, Cranberry never photographs well. I have some ideas I would like to try the next time we set up to shoot... but for now you'll have to settle for everything except Cranberry.

©2010 Cold Springs Studio Pottery - Alex Solla

©2010 Cold Springs Studio Pottery - Alex Solla

©2010 Cold Springs Studio Pottery - Alex Solla

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fun in the Sun

This past Saturday we had a visit from the Beames family. Bridgid, Abigail, and Isabel stopped over for a short bit of play in the sunshine (and to bring us COOKIES!!). Aurora and I had been working on moving the gravel from our yard back into our driveway. Both girls thought this was a great idea and dove right in without any encouragement!

There is always that point, where the afternoon light just glows. I wish it had been just a little less intense, but you work with what you have I guess. Aurora and I played around with the idea of using a reflector to try to bounce some of the light back into the faces of our visitors. It is hard to herd cats, but even harder to get light to chase little kids!

I think we've known Bridgid for just shy of a decade now. She came into our lives back when Aurora first entered Ithaca Montessori School in the Pre-K program. When Bridgid began her own school, Namaste Montessori School, out of her home (and later at its current location in Ithaca), we know right away that it would totally take off. With all the passion and devotion that Bridgid brings to the school, she and her fellow teachers create a unique learning experience for their students. In the past couple of years, Bridgid added 4H opportunities one weekend each month. This past Saturday was a workshop in Clay. After hearing what Abigail and Isabel had to say about the experience, I know I'll have to tag along for the next one!

Friday, March 19, 2010

What's Going On In The Studio?

I get asked frequently: What's going on with the studio?

Well, errmm, uh, well... you see.. uh,.... there's this problem.... well... uh.
The problem is that making pots is a lot harder when your ostomy has herniated. My belly hurts a lot more than it ever did prior to being operated on. It makes it really uncomfortable to stand and lean against my stomach at the wheelhead. In fact, it makes things almost not worthwhile.

At first, my arms and chest had a really difficult time of things... due mostly to the muscular dysfunction I have been dealing with post-coma. The latest and more frustrating issue is this darned herniation. It is bad enough having a bag attached to my midsection, but now that it has grown in size to where I look like my tummy ate a coconut; it really gets in the way.

My hope is that within a year, I will find a surgeon willing and able to re-attach my plumbing and get this whole process reversed. The idea of another surgery is terrifying. (for those just tuning in, see my blog posts back in Nov, Dec and Jan for the exciting ramifications of coma-dreams)

You may ask yourself... so WHAT HAS been going on in the studio? For the most part, I am getting a small amount of pottery made each month since January. Not a lot, but good pots nonetheless. This month we managed to re-create a color we had been aiming for unsuccessfully for over 8 years: Matte Purple. I have been making teabowls and canisters and footed mugs mostly. Hannah has been making LOTS of plates and sorbet bowls. I have no idea what's going to happen when she leaves here at the end of the month. Ideas? Suggestions?

This week was spent photographing things instead of making pots. First series of images from today's shooting have been edited and here they are: TEABOWLS.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Interior Work for the Hayward House Bed and Breakfast

This week I was asked to work on some interior photography for the Hayward House (just north of Interlaken). Having done very little work with interior lighting, this was something of a challenge. In addition, today was the second sunny day in about three months. Usually, we can count on the skies being overcast, greyish most of the Spring. Not today! It was glorious outside. Unfortunately that meant massive amounts of glare coming through the windows and lots of contrast issues to juggle.

With that said, here is my first attempt:

©2010 Cold Springs Studio Photography

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Space Aliens Come to Ithaca to Watch CU Women WIN ECAC championship

We had just finished watching the most exciting hockey game of the season and were on our way back to our van when we saw lights ahead of us. Reaching for the camera, I grabbed these shots before they sped away.

Watching Kelly McGinty and her fellow Cornellians skate their way to winning the ECAC Championship against Clarkson last night was an awesome experience! I have never seen a crowd more wild and crazed with excitement.

Everyone knew what the score was last night!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More Flash Learning

Sometimes the best shots I get are the ones where no one is ready for it. The exhausted, exasperated expression on Nancy's face says it all.

A few nights later, with less angora rabbit fur in her eyes and nose... Nancy's a much happier person.

And there's always Luna... needing tons of love.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010