Friday, March 26, 2010

A Week & Some

©2010 Cold Springs Studio Photography - Alex Solla

Last Wednesday I spent the afternoon shooting interior images for the Hayward House Bed and Breakfast in Interlaken NY. I cannot imagine a property that more embodies the essence of a bed and breakfast. While I've never sampled from their breakfast fare, I can say without reservation, that their home is one I would recommend to any friend of ours. Every single little detail has been thought out meticulously.

Having spent the past decade slowly renovating our studio (and in little ways, our house), I can say that Michelle and Kevin have done far more than renovate. They have lifted this home into a whole other realm. Each room has more stories than I can count. I can certainly imagine guests deciding that a day NOT doing anything, and simply staying put at the B&B would be a great way to spend the day.

Which brings us to today. I was asked to reshoot some of the images that just didn't make the cut last week. It's part of the job. Sometimes you get it dead-on, straight out of the gate. Other times you go round and round. Today I was lucky enough to have Michelle join me as artistic director, grip, tour guide and art critic. Wearing all those hats made it possible for me to focus on making sure each image we made served their needs for their website and promotion. I think this level of symbiosis is critical for creative collaboration to bear fruit. It also makes the time FLY!

©2010 Cold Springs Studio Photography - Alex Solla

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