Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fun in the Sun

This past Saturday we had a visit from the Beames family. Bridgid, Abigail, and Isabel stopped over for a short bit of play in the sunshine (and to bring us COOKIES!!). Aurora and I had been working on moving the gravel from our yard back into our driveway. Both girls thought this was a great idea and dove right in without any encouragement!

There is always that point, where the afternoon light just glows. I wish it had been just a little less intense, but you work with what you have I guess. Aurora and I played around with the idea of using a reflector to try to bounce some of the light back into the faces of our visitors. It is hard to herd cats, but even harder to get light to chase little kids!

I think we've known Bridgid for just shy of a decade now. She came into our lives back when Aurora first entered Ithaca Montessori School in the Pre-K program. When Bridgid began her own school, Namaste Montessori School, out of her home (and later at its current location in Ithaca), we know right away that it would totally take off. With all the passion and devotion that Bridgid brings to the school, she and her fellow teachers create a unique learning experience for their students. In the past couple of years, Bridgid added 4H opportunities one weekend each month. This past Saturday was a workshop in Clay. After hearing what Abigail and Isabel had to say about the experience, I know I'll have to tag along for the next one!

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