Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Interior Work for the Hayward House Bed and Breakfast

This week I was asked to work on some interior photography for the Hayward House (just north of Interlaken). Having done very little work with interior lighting, this was something of a challenge. In addition, today was the second sunny day in about three months. Usually, we can count on the skies being overcast, greyish most of the Spring. Not today! It was glorious outside. Unfortunately that meant massive amounts of glare coming through the windows and lots of contrast issues to juggle.

With that said, here is my first attempt:

©2010 Cold Springs Studio Photography


Dana said...

I think the photos definitely do the place justice. I love the one of just the tops of the chairs.

justin said...

Alex, that's some beautiful work. The chair shot, especially, has some really stunning contrast. How were you lighting these shots?

My guess was bounce flash on the ceiling to overpower or balance the ambient from those windows but in that case you must have been gelled something warm because the quality of light is really fantastically sunny.

They're super inviting shots, Michele and Kevin are lucky to have access to you.