Monday, December 20, 2010

Posting About Other People's Pots

small handbuilt espresso mug with fake ash glaze, c/10 reduction, 1998

loosely thrown mug with magnesia matte glaze, c/10 reduction, 1997

woodfired tumbler, c/10, tenmoku liner, 1995

Alex Solla 1996©, salt fired with crackle kaolin slip marbled inside and unglazed clay surface for the outside.

Alex Solla 1996©, salt fired with crackle kaolin slip and wollastonite slip on the outside surface.

Even though I am no longer making pots, they are still a big part of my life. For the past few weeks I have been primarily shooting product photographs, which means the studio is set up for table-top shooting. I figured while I have the whole lighting rig arranged, and the gobos set up... why not take advantage of the arrangement. To that end, I am photographing as much of my collection as possible this week.

These pots are from my time at Utah State. In the first two years I was there, most of my pots were either salt fired or wood fired. When I couldn't squeeze pots into those firings, I fired gas reduction. All in all, there was an awful lot of experimentation from those years.