Monday, December 20, 2010

Posting About Other People's Pots

small handbuilt espresso mug with fake ash glaze, c/10 reduction, 1998

loosely thrown mug with magnesia matte glaze, c/10 reduction, 1997

woodfired tumbler, c/10, tenmoku liner, 1995

Alex Solla 1996©, salt fired with crackle kaolin slip marbled inside and unglazed clay surface for the outside.

Alex Solla 1996©, salt fired with crackle kaolin slip and wollastonite slip on the outside surface.

Even though I am no longer making pots, they are still a big part of my life. For the past few weeks I have been primarily shooting product photographs, which means the studio is set up for table-top shooting. I figured while I have the whole lighting rig arranged, and the gobos set up... why not take advantage of the arrangement. To that end, I am photographing as much of my collection as possible this week.

These pots are from my time at Utah State. In the first two years I was there, most of my pots were either salt fired or wood fired. When I couldn't squeeze pots into those firings, I fired gas reduction. All in all, there was an awful lot of experimentation from those years.


cookingwithgas said...

I wished you lived close by we would for sure come to you for some photos.
Seems a tad far to just drop some over!

Alex Solla said...

I love the work you and Mark make. Some of the forms and surfaces I have seen on FB and your blog are absolutely amazing. I would love to be able to help you put some of your favorite pots into the limelight. Knowing full well how tight money is for everyone right now, and as a way of saying thanks for all your support as I have gone through the year of hell... I would like to make you and Mark an offer.

I would like to shoot your work. Gratis.
Send me a box of pots, along with some way to get it all back to you. Obviously I will repack it just the way it came. I will try to get it turned around in a week or so... (not like Jan is big pottery selling month). This is free. Seriously. No obligation. I just really want to do something special for you and Mark.

If you like the images, GREAT. If you think they aren't useful, please say so. If they can help bring more folks into your gallery, GREAT!

Merry Christmas. said...

Beautiful photos, I really love the metallic sheen on that wood fired tumbler. Colours you've captured are really lovely!

Alex Solla said...

@Victoria- Thank you for your kind words. Trying to capture the richness and character of pottery has always been a goal of mine. Transitioning now into being a full-time photographer, now that the clay studio is no more, has made it very apparent that there are very few photographers that specialize in shooting pottery or glass (or wood, fiber etc). I enjoy the studio setting almost as much as I enjoy being on location.

My hope for this year is to reach further afield to draw in potters from a larger region, in hopes of showing off some amazing pottery to a larger audience.

Best wishes for the New Year.

logo mugs said...

Beautiful photos, I really love the metallic sheen on that wood fired tumbler.