Sunday, March 7, 2010

Space Aliens Come to Ithaca to Watch CU Women WIN ECAC championship

We had just finished watching the most exciting hockey game of the season and were on our way back to our van when we saw lights ahead of us. Reaching for the camera, I grabbed these shots before they sped away.

Watching Kelly McGinty and her fellow Cornellians skate their way to winning the ECAC Championship against Clarkson last night was an awesome experience! I have never seen a crowd more wild and crazed with excitement.

Everyone knew what the score was last night!


Anonymous said...

hurray for cornell! what are those lights really?

Alex Solla said...

Jim- Those UFOs are really just glare from the headlights of the oncoming car reflecting off the inside of the camera lens. The more glass a lens has, the more lens flare. Fun stuff.