Sunday, March 23, 2008

Almost ready for Craft Boston

Here we are, not quite two days away from hitting the road on our way to Boston. Everything is packed up into boxes and ready to load into the van. We've never had this many pots on hand EVER. Probably 2x more pots than we have ever had... even for our holiday sales. Just TONS of pots.

Tonight we spent the bulk of the evening playing around with the layout of the new booth display. Trying all sorts of angles, rearranging this and that over and over... always in search of the perfect layout. The best part was laying the new Wondermat flooring. Foam squares that interlink. Very comfortable. I dont think I could ever do a show on carpet again! Best part: they are grey, so even dirty, they look just fine. Talk about low-maintenance.

Here are a few of the pots we're taking with us this coming week. I decided that from now on, we need to pull a few pots from each firing to save for exhibitions. From this last firing, I am pulling aside the sunset teabowl in the image from the last blog entry.

Monday, March 17, 2008

New pots pre-Craft Boston

Tangerine carved vase $100

Sunset facetted teabowl $Not For Sale

Blue carved vase $120

Here we are, a week before heading to Boston. The studio is a disaster zone and should qualify for federal relief. The booth has been completely repainted. Parts to everything are EVERYWHERE.

The good news is that we have TONS of pots ready for the show. Finally. The last two firings produced some absolutely stunning pots.

I spent the better part of last night and so far, much of today, taking new pictures of these pots. As always, comments are welcome.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

More playing

The original image

Yep, when I should have been dealing with taxes today, I was instead up to my _________ in fun, playing with some new photo software. Oh what FUN!

What I am finding is that while composition, good glass, excellent lighting, etc are all crucial to getting amazing photos, the thing that has been missing from my work has been the "post-processing".... meaning the Photoshop time or any one of a hundred programs out there. The ability to adjust contrast, saturation, color correction, focus, so important to the final image.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Excursion Around the Bay

Or what do you do when the lights go out? Today was one of those days, where the ice storm that should have been keeping us home and safe and dry... instead had us out on the road, looking for someplace warm and lit. We lost power for the better part of six hours. To top it off, we lost MORE branches on our white pines due to ice build up. The yard is covered with enough branches to make 2-3 full sized trees!

For most of the evening Nancy made new earrings and I goofed around the the camera. Once the power came back on I planned on getting back to work on taxes and data-input... but I REALLY wanted to play some more with the images we shot last weekend at the Junkyard. So, here they are!! Comments encouraged.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Junkyard Excursion

We finally had some snow this year. Everyone else in the Northeast has been complaining of too much snow, but here in our little corner, we've had precious little. With the nice white stuff all around, the family was compelled yesterday to head out on a photo excursion. Everyone had their camera in tow. The first pictures I am posting today are from my camera. Hopefully tomorrow I will have some images from Aurora's camera. Nancy will probably post her images on HER blog.