Sunday, December 2, 2007

Getting Ready for the Holidays

The past couple weeks have been very interesting. Sales have definitely taken an upturn. Quite a relief after nearly 5 months of being devoid of customers this year.

Good news: I will be updating the blog as often as every other day through the month. My goal is to try to help everyone see what is available in the gallery for the holidays. We are shipping FedEx almost daily at this point.

The bad news: we are NOT doing a studio sale this Christmas. Usually we have one either the first or second weekend in Dec. We are NOT doing that this year. Instead we are going to be open every day throughout the month. We are also open late many nights. CALL and we can make arrangements to be open whenever shopping NEEDS to happen!

Lastly, get ready for the email explaining where to look for all of your holiday shopping needs from the studio. My hope is that it will hit the email highway tomorrow morning!

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