Thursday, February 21, 2008

Gone to Florida

Took a break from the studio this week to come down to Florida with my daughter to visit my family. Once we made it to Miami we headed down to Key Largo with my brother Martin and my mom in tow. We had the most amazing time snorkeling off the reef. Saw fish of every size and shape imagineable!! On the way back up the keys we stopped in at Dolphin Cove and SWAM with dolphins! Originally the plan was that only A would be going in the water to swim with the dolphins... then my mom sprung the surprise... I GOT TO GO TOO!!! Talk about amazing. Nothing in the world really prepares you for such a stunning experience. Rather than write more, here are some pics.

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Tobi said...

Awesome! We got to swim with the dolphins in the Bahamas and it was an incredible experience. So glad you BOTH got to get in the water!!!! More pics, please!