Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy Birthday to me

one of the pictures Nancy shot with my Nikon

That's right, happy birthday to me... yesterday I turned another year older. To add insult to injury, the weather has been wicked hot and humid. Feels like a hairy gorilla came and sat down on my shoulders!

To mollify the humidity and to escape the heat, Nancy and I put our kayaks in the lake for a morning dip yesterday. Paddled around long enough to wake up two herons and a couple of mallards. Great time. Heck, anytime on the water is GOOD time! The big success of the morning paddle... getting out of the boat without tipping, no getting wet, and no falling over. Last thur when Aurora and I were getting out, I stepped backward, tripped over my paddle with one foot still in the boat, flipped end over end, and found myself on the opposite side of the boat, laying in the water and wondering what on earth happened. So yesterday was a better step in the right direction.

After cleaning up and putting the boats away, Nancy and I decided it was just too darned hot for anyone to be out shopping for pottery (seeing as how we had seen NO traffic the Saturday before!)... so we put out a sign saying " TOO HOT TO MAKE POTS" and then headed off for an excursion around the lakes. We found ourselves wandering along routes 5 & 20, driving through Geneva, Waterloo, Canandaigua and eventually ended up out in East Bloomfield, stopping along the way at antique stores and such. Turned north from there and went to Pittsfield. Had fun looking through a bike shop. Finally headed home via route 96 through Victor and Phelps and such. By the time 7pm arrived, we were about an hour from home, the sun was dropping in the sky and we were driving through Seneca Falls. Nancy asked about stopping to take some pics of the rundown mills along the river. Here are a few of my images. More of Nancy's images hopefully later today or tomorrow... or maybe just a link to HER blog!

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Louise said...

Ola, Solla!
Nice to receive your comment on the IKC blog. YES! I'll get your name onto a list for the Greenland kayak rolling. You're tall in the upper body, a bonus. Lucky you have a blog w/G, it's the only way for me to get back to you~I need to rethink this blog so I can quickly respond to people.
Did I get to meet you and your wife at the Antarctica talk and slide show back in May (April?)? If so, you really should buy Ken's Queen Mary!!! It's really a much better fit...I have some thoughts on that...
Are you the only one from your domicile signing up to roll w/Cheri and Turner? I posted your's very inspiring and insightful.
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