Monday, March 2, 2009

We Rocked the Tournament

Our girls went into Overtime in the final game of the tournament totally overjoyed that they had held the team from Vermont to a 1-1 score. We all held our collective breath through the entire game. No other teams scored against Vermont all weekend. We had lost our first game to them earlier on Saturday. So it was bittersweet when the VT team scored the winning goal minutes into overtime. Our girls played their guts out this weekend and it showed! They steamed up the ice, even taking a winning lap around the ice with trophies in hand. We may not have won the tournament, but we still came out on top. I certainly never expected this at the beginning of the season!!

I shot close to 4000 images over the course of the weekend, so it will be some time before they are all sorted and edited and put up on a separate website... but it will happen in the next couple weeks. Definitely ready before our end-of-season banquet.


Craig Edwards said...

4000 pics you have your work cut out for you!! There is a town just north of New London... Cold Spring. I always think that your blog is from Minnesota Haha

Alex Solla said...

Yeah, we get that. There's also a Cold Springs NY... but the name comes from our road... Cold Springs Road. Those springs are on our property too... great breeding grounds for mosquitoes and biting flies.

Cruising through your blog earlier... love the lobed/snowflake teapot. I just finished reading Andy Martin's book on moldmaking. Makes me want to try some of his ideas for a new teapot idea I want to play with.

Craig Edwards said...

I went to an Andy Martin workshop earlier this year. Very inspirational, he is truly a creative person.
I'm sure the springs are beautiful.. a prefect breeding grounds. I'm not being cynical, I just live in a state that has 10,000 lakes. All prefect breeding grounds. Ha
Take Care, and glad you had a good season!!