Thursday, September 22, 2011

Soon to Have Pots Again (seriously limited edition)

I know it sounds like an odd paradox, considering I haven't touched clay in over a year now... but we will actually be getting some pots back in hand soon. Some of the work we have had out on consignment is on its way home. In one instance, the gallery is closing due to poor sales... which given the general state of the national economy is no surprise. It is discouraging though.

Why am I mentioning this?

Because we still get calls and emails from folks wanting to pick up pots from us. I can't begin to tell you the sheer number of people who assume that somewhere out in the studio (which doesn't exist either) are the elves secretly making our work while we sleep. Nope. Isn't happening.

So to suddenly have some of our pots in hand again means we can have some to give away as gifts and some for us... and maybe, just maybe... some for you.

Once the pots are home, I'll take some pictures of them and you can judge for yourself.
Till then, we'll have to guess what pots we'll be bringing home.


Dana said...

DUDE, Justin broke a dinner plate about a month ago and he was so devastated! If there are any left, I would absolutely buy it/them! I also always regretted not picking up an oval pitcher. Oh, hell, I should probably just call dibs on everything. Let me know when you know what you have, and I will scoop some stuff up!

Alex Solla said...

We just had our first plate failure about two days ago. Never had a plate crack before... then one day a salad plate just gave up the ghost. Probably one of the first ones we ever made. It still had all the canvas texture on the back, so it must have been one of the first 2-3 dozen we made before we switched to the plates being smooth on the back.

Heading out soon to see what pots we're bringing home. Fingers crossed.

Dana said...

So what did you end up having?

Alex Solla said...

So far we have only picked up work from one of the two galleries. We brought home a small carved vase in tangerine, two platters, 2 dessert plates, 2 teabowls, 2 lg serving bowls, and 2-3 other pieces. I haven't sorted them or done anything with them yet.