Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cream and Sugar

Four years ago, Nancy and I had huge ideas about how we wanted to make a cream and sugar set. Even got so far as to make a little prototype. Time passed, things happened, and it never got made.

Fast forward to this Christmas, and we found this cute cream and sugar set at Renata Wadsworth's studio during her holiday sale. I know that for some, the crawling glaze around the edge would be a deal killer, but for me, it is just part of the character of that glaze. I love the stripes! I love the Dr. Seuss-ian knob on the sugar jar. I like the same attention to the handles on the tray.

I just feel good using this set. I think that is what sets good pots apart... if you feel good using it.... that's the key.



What a lovely creamer & sugar set! and thanks for the recommendation to check out Renata's work.

Alex Solla said...

I just shot another round of Renata's work this week. We're trying to get her submissions ready for a call-for-entry for a book on woodfiring. Pretty exciting stuff.

Tonight I start shooting more of Cary Joseph's work. Can't wait to see what came out of the anagama!!