Monday, February 20, 2012

Where Did Glaze Tectonics Go?

I've had quite a few people asking where the Glaze Tectonics blog has gone. All those beautiful platters didn't suddenly up and vanish. No one bought them all (oh wouldn't that have been amazing!?!). Nope. Instead the answer is far more prosaic.

The blog was hosted through My old studio domain. When we decided that keeping that domain was kinda silly, and expensive, we turned it off without a second thought. Unfortunately, that second thought knocked Glaze Tectonics off the face of the internet.

In a hurried rush to be efficient, we lost over a year of work on a pretty amazing blog. Lots of fantastic images... stories,... ideas.... all of it went POOOF!

Now I think I will try again... only this time design a blog for the platters via Blogger. Keep it fairly simple and go from there. As soon as it is ready for prime-time, I'll announce it here as well.

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