Thursday, August 9, 2012

Jason Walker (way waaaay back when)

Nancy and I talk about Jason Walker's work all the time because we see his new work pop up all over. It is featured in magazines (this month's American Craft), websites, pinterest pins... you name it... and he is everywhere. Very VERY cool.

I met Jason when he was finishing up his undergrad work at Utah State in Logan UT. This teabowl was made during that time. His new work is so far removed from this as to seem made by different artists. And yet, when I look at where his work was going before he started working for a sign painter in town... he couldn't have made this teabowl without the fluidity of muscle memory that comes from lots of time behind the brush. His brushwork changed almost overnight. He went from simple overglaze enamels to underglaze work like this in a few short weeks. Amazing!

His new work is no less phenomenal. In fact, it is staggering. I find the imagery so compelling that I plan to write a longer post about it when I finally get to see some in person. I love the work so much that I don't want to comment on it until I can see it, touch it (and get yelled at for touching the work!). Here is a link to his current body of work:
From Ferrin Gallery

I am frustrated that I can't find other images of his older work. Guess this teabowl will have to do.

I love the penguin in the bottom of this teabowl. Like a little sweet bon mot to brighten your day.

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