Thursday, October 25, 2012

Frozen Waves, Caught in the Act - 87981

There was a brief period of about three months, where as I made these platters, I combed my fingers across the bottoms of the form as I was throwing. Some of these waves ended up looking like the ripples in the sand that is often seen at the seashore after the tide recedes. Lovely ripples and pools of glaze quickly following the ebb and flow of heat and melt.

I am often asked how I see these platters. Do I see them completed before I begin making them? Not even close. Because so much of the process was so disjointed, I would often be glazing a platter I had thrown months earlier. In many cases, the glazing process was happening with glazes I hadn't even dreamed up back when I began throwing the form that they would eventually meld with.

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