Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Woodfired Pots by Cary Joseph

It was very exciting getting to shoot Cary Joseph's new work. The range of color coming out of the anagama in Corning, NY is astonishing. There are times where I really wish I still made pots just so I could get a few into these woodfirings. I miss the lovely path of flame over the clay's surface. Cary manages to really push his clay to the limit, giving it more of a stony leathery texture. The ash and flashing LOVE this surface.  

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cream and Sugar

Four years ago, Nancy and I had huge ideas about how we wanted to make a cream and sugar set. Even got so far as to make a little prototype. Time passed, things happened, and it never got made.

Fast forward to this Christmas, and we found this cute cream and sugar set at Renata Wadsworth's studio during her holiday sale. I know that for some, the crawling glaze around the edge would be a deal killer, but for me, it is just part of the character of that glaze. I love the stripes! I love the Dr. Seuss-ian knob on the sugar jar. I like the same attention to the handles on the tray.

I just feel good using this set. I think that is what sets good pots apart... if you feel good using it.... that's the key.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Some of Our Pots from Renata's Holiday Sale

We bought so many amazing pots during Renata's holiday sale. Some have been used so often it seems like they live in the dishwasher! Others, like this pitcher are waiting for the first lovely hot spring day when we can make iced tea or lemonade.

This mug has spent most of the past month bringing hot chai or hot chocolate to our lips at least once a day. I was surprised to find it on the shelf tonight... must have just gotten washed! I have more images of some of Renata's mugs coming tomorrow. Along with some of her new ideas for handles!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Pots from Renata Wadsworth

Renata brought me a box of pots to shoot last week. These were some of the latest pots to come out of her Fast Fire woodkiln. At the beginning of the fall, Renata was having some trees removed on her property when her tree guys dropped a tree onto her kiln's chimney. Didn't quite knock it down, but it put a major twist on it!

She took down the entire chimney during a chilly wet icy rain. After looking at it more critically, she decided to take her flattop/arch down as well. After a few more weeks she had a spiffy new arch and her chimney was back in place and lookin' good. Her firings times have shortened and the pots are looking great! There's even talk of adding some soda ash during the firings. Can't wait to see more!