Sunday, February 17, 2013

Gnarly CRUNCH!

Just posting a few more images of the pots I uncovered after unpacking those crates that had been buried on my front porch for the past decade.  Considering that this first image is of a whiskey cup (or sake if you prefer) from John Neely, and is quite small, you can tell that the clay is groggy beyond words! It is more like stone or asphalt. Rough and gnarly! This one was fired in a reduction cooling kiln.

This is a woodfired mug, by Jason Hess, woodfirer extraordinaire. This mug came out of a firing where Jason was testing out new wood for the woodkiln. He'd been firing with cottonwood for a while, but the firing crew was seeing weird blue drips on the underside of the kiln shelves post-firing... so they switched to firing scrap wood from this building site... so suddenly there was oak and pine aplenty, which completely changed the color response from the claybody.


Ron Deaver said...

Hey Sir, Have you found homes for all your proffered children? I really like the temmoku small covered jar and would gladly pay to have it shipped. Thank you for your blog efforts. Link it to your FB page for more traffic.

alexander solla said...

Howdy Ron, Email me your contact info and I will put this covered jar in the mail to you. Glad you found one that you liked!