Thursday, November 14, 2013

Wishing I Had Saved

Every now and then, it dawns on me that all the footed mugs I am going to make in Trumansburg as part of Cold Springs Studio are made. That's it. There won't be any more. Usually it takes a call from someone I haven't heard from in five years, who still thinks that we might be open by chance this weekend... before my mind is jogged back to pre-Sept 2009.

Tonight I was looking through old images. I stumbled across these old footed mugs. They aren't terribly amazing, but they were good mugs. I am sure they sold within a week of being photographed. We never had more than half a dozen in the studio for more than a week. I always tried to have at least two dozen in the wings, but if we had a good weekend full of sales, we might sell a dozen footed mugs in an hour's time.

My friend, Renata Wadsworth, bought a used gas kiln off of CraigsList recently. I am excited to see how her gas reduction results compare to her usual woodfired pots. I never got around to building our big gas kiln because I fell in love with cone 6 oxidation color. It wasn't something I planned for... just kinda happened. Now I look back at those surfaces and wish that I had more pots still waiting in the wings to be glazed. Sure would make gift giving a lot easier this holiday season. (kidding... nah, sorta)


cookingwithgas said...

never say never...
Those are really sweet.
There are days that I think I could quit making pots.
I know it sounds crazy, but still, there are days.

alexander solla said...

So true Meredith. I used to toy with the idea of leaving making pots... and taking up a day job. The pay sucks. The hours are long. But I kept coming back because there were always new ideas I wanted to try. Plus the look on people's faces when they found exactly what they wanted, or were surprised by how something felt in their hands... that kept me going.

cookingwithgas said...

yes, this I understand, it really is all about the customer.