Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Art Trail

This past weekend was the beginning of Art Trail.
For us, Art Trail is usually more about educating our local clientèle and also about hopefully helping people realize that we are here when it comes time to buy pots as gifts etc.

So... Friday came along and brought with it tons of drizzle. Along the day, people started filling the driveway. Over the course of the day we had six cars show up. That was odd. Last two months we hadnt had that many TOTAL. Hmmm.

Fast forward to Saturday... showtime! We weren't really feeling very excited. There were tons of things left to do, too many pots still to make for orders... and then WHAM, while we were trying to put some breakfast together for the family, the first car of the day shows up. The next time we got to look up for a break it was 2pm. Four hours had vanished. We had sold a fair number of pots and the day still had 3 hours to go!

Saturday ended with us having a total breaktime of less than half an hour for the entire day.
Sunday was a bit more normal. Heavy times, quiet times. In terms of sales, Sunday was about 1/3 what Saturday was.

So, now we're staring down the last two days of the week before the second weekend of Art Trail. We are low on quite a few of our forms. To remedy that we have a glaze load firing tonight. If all goes well, there will be a second glaze load going in as soon as this one cools. Means pots will be going onto the shelves warm on Sunday morning!!! Always fun.

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