Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Issac Button - WOW

If you haven't seen this footage of Issac Button, all I can say is get a rag ready to wipe away the drool. This man was wicked fast, wicked good and moved more mud in a day than most potters move in months! It actually begs the question: Is there anyone out there NOW, who can throw like this? Who can take 40 or 50# of mud and turn it into jugs, one right after the other, all day long? Do you know of anyone consuming a TON of clay a day???

Such a treat to have this video available on YouTube. I wish we had access to the entire video.
I have to thank Michael Kline and his blog for sending me over to Matt Grimmitt (from the UK) and his blog. From there I found Douglas Fitch's blog and there.... THIS video. I know, that was kind of a round'about way to get there... but Thank you!!!

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