Thursday, December 4, 2008

Another tune that keeps me rockin' in the studio

This is Run Runaway from Great Big Sea. Actually a cover from the 80s band Slade. This is a MUCH better rendition! Great Big Sea turned us on to the myriad musicians in Newfoundland and throughout Canada.


Vicki Gill, potter said...

Hey Alex, thanks for your comment on my blog. I did check out the great looking purple altered piece. Loved your forms and glazes. I am working in electric, cone 7 ranges and really want a transparent, rich purple that will let my carved details shine through. I welcome any suggestions. Enjoyed your other posts and studio music, too! The show and Japanese prints you got to see sounded great, though sales being off has been the norm down here too.

Alex Solla said...

Hey Vicki-
Here's the conundrum: in order to make a cone 6-7 purple you typically use a chrome-tin red mixed with a touch of cobalt to add some blue. Well, tin, by default is an opacifier. In the end, I dont think it is possible to get a really rich true TRANSPARENT purple. You might be able to get sort of a more transparent purple with manganese but that would require a very alkaline glaze and it would craze like mad.

The one thing I havent played with at all, are the newer rare earth colorants, ytrium, erbium, lanthanum, etc. If I remember right there was a nice pale purple in that lineup. Might be worth looking into. Rare earths are just wicked pricey right now.

Good luck and PLEASE keep posting pics to your blog! Always cool to see potters pursuing new colors.

Off to a hockey tournament with my daughter.