Monday, December 8, 2008

Where things lead

squared footed form from a student at Utah State

tumbler made at Utah State circa 1997

two footed mugs fresh from the kiln this week

I have been wanting to flesh out this idea of where we derive our pots. I think in general potter's best pots are amalgamations of other pots, digested and regurgitated over time. So, for today's posting.... a rumination on how feet and twisty forms came together to become our footed mugs.

The footed squared mug was from a student of mine at Utah State. I love the gesture in her markmaking, and the sort of off-kilter wonkiness the feet give the form.

The tumbler was the Utah State incarnation of a tumbler idea I had been playing around with for about 5 years at the time.

By the time my daughter was about 5, she asked if we could make pots that looked like they were walking. All of these ideas, rolled together became, over the past 8 years or so, the footed mugs we make today.

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