Thursday, August 27, 2009

Misty Moisty Morning

detail from the image below

Sometimes, when I get up, I aim for the studio and miss. Today I was dead-certain I was pulling handles at 8am. Ended up in the garden with my macro lens strapped to my head. Next thing I know, it's pushing 10am and I have a flash card full of images.


Carrie said...

Hey Alex,

Wow! These images are AMAZING. Scary that you are up for a surgery, but if anyone can make the best of any experience, it is you.

Just try not to push yourself too hard. I recommend that you forego having any goals or expectations for the time that you're in recovery. There is a reason they call for rest after your body goes through major trauma. I offer you back your own advice...allow yourself to be where you are.

Love ya',

Dana said...

Gorgeous pictures! That close up of the dew is incredible.

Amy said...

I like your turn of phrase, "I aim for the studio and miss." - I enjoy your blog!