Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Snow in August

No, not really, but it has only just this week started feeling like Summer. Another week or two, and this will be over. Thereafter begins that sudden slide into Fall and then Winter.

This image is of the Queen Anne's Lace that has popped up in Aurora's bed near the road. I Love this stuff. I know it's a weed, but it sure is a pretty weed.

Nancy said she wants to print this one out. To her this is Summer. Bright, yellow and cheery!

The studio has been going FULL-TILT this week. Sorry for the lack of blog updates but by the time the day is done, I am just wiped out.

In hopes of catching up a bit, here are a few images from the studio today.

The shelves are starting to fill back up with bisque-ware. Today was canisters. Tomorrow soupmugs. Then hopefully more teabowls and small serving bowls. I love making these two forms in the same run. It really helps me tie the two forms together. My decoration flows and the tautness of the forms seems to feed eachother.

Canisters, canisters, and more canisters

Do you own one of these? If you dont have a Talisman seive, my heart goes out to you. As our apprentice Hannah, found out today, these seives make life MUCH easier. Today was just a 10Kg batch of clear (5gal), but it still took 10 minutes of rotary seiving. She would have been there all afternoon with a regular seive and brush.

More bisqueware staring me in the face first thing in the morning! That means tomorrow, first thing, I am glazing. Hopefully we can get two more glaze firings through the kiln before Sunday.


Anonymous said...

i totally dig the decoration on those cannisters and yes i have a talisman and sometimes think i may have never stuck with ceramics if i didn't

Alex Solla said...

First time I laid eyes/hands on a Talisman, was in grad school. Never looked back. As soon as we set up shop here, it was on my list of things you HAVE to have.

Today should have been a day of mixing more glazes but I just had to take advantage of the perfect light, cooler temps.. to catch the last of our daylily flush!

Hopefully tomorrow I can post some pics of the soup mugs I have been working on.