Friday, September 18, 2009

Another great day for Team Solla

Every day has been a day of small improvements for Alex in this recovery process. Today they removed his IV painkillers and then tested his awareness. He was able to open his eyes on command, but wasn't able to squeeze the nurse's fingers. It could be he was too weak to do that, or that he wasn't awake enough to process that more difficult task, but it doesn't really matter: the fact that he could open his eyes when asked is a great step in the right direction!

The doctor ordered a CT contrast scan today to check A's belly for abscesses, an unfortunate possibility in this scenario. No sign of any today, but they may yet develop. The scan will be repeated on Monday, but for today we'll celebrate the lack of abscesses!

Aurora came to visit her dad for the first time since his emergency surgery on the 14th. Terri, the RN assigned to Alex's care today, explained all the tubes and needles sticking out of Alex and gave her an idea of what his next challenges are. Granny VanWormer (Nancy's mom) is here until tomorrow night to hang with Aurora and I, and then Dana, an ex-apprentice, is coming in for a few days.

Thanks for all the good vibes. It helps more than you know.

Our saying has become, "It's All Good."


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