Monday, September 21, 2009

Slow Cooling

Another day of a sub-101 degree temp. This kiln is densely packed and taking a long time to cool! Seriously, we still run the risk of Alex developing abscesses in his abdomen, in which case his temp will spike again and they will have to go in again. If we get through the next few days, we may just make it through with a nice smooth matte finish... ok, enough of the pottery imagery.

My boy is still fighting and we're still here.


Linda Starr said...

My heart goes out to both you and Alex. So glad Alex is doing better, I'm thinking you both and hope he gets well quickly.

Joe Deluxe said...

Thank you for keeping us informed. It is a gracious thing, to think of the rest of us when there is so much turmoil.

I'm thinking of all of you, too. Be strong.


Goodland said...

Oh no! I had no idea Alex was so ill right now. Please send him our 'get well wishes'. We'll be thinking of him and you. Please post info as you have it. Thanks, Debbie (high school friend)

elsie deluxe said...

Nancy, thanks very much for these regular updates. Erik and I are following your ordeal very closely. Here's to a swift and complete recovery.

Alex Solla said...

Thank you, everyone for your good wishes and good vibes! As I said, we are still here. It's all good.