Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Busted Belly Benefit - May 2nd, 2-6pm @ the Rongo!!

For those that haven't heard yet, this weekend on Sunday from 2-6pm is the Busted Belly Benefit. The Rongovian Embassy is hosting it and Mary Ellen Salmon, Carol Bloomgarden and quite a few other friends have been organizing it. There will be two awesome live bands playing. And best of all, there will be a fantastic auction of art, fine crafts, and lots of fun stuff from local wineries and bed and breakfasts. Should be a phenominal gathering on Sunday! Come one, come all!!

2 comments: said...

Good luck with the event, hope it goes well!

Alex Solla said...

I am actually starting to get a little nervous. We posted this on Facebook too, and invited folks. It was also in the local papers and on the radio this week. We originally planned for 75 people or so. HAH!! I think we are looking at 200-300 by the time all is said and done. It is gonna be a heck of a good time!