Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Shooting into the shadows

A.Solla - Cold Springs Studio Photography ©2010

Today was one of those Spring days you wait for all Winter. Sunny, not cold, dry and a nice breeze. The cherry trees are in full bloom but I'm not seeing a lot of bees yet. Probably still a little too chilly at night for them.

A.Solla - Cold Springs Studio Photography ©2010

Tonight when Aurora and I went for our walk we spotted a couple little brown bats. I love seeing bats. When I first bought this house we had at least 5 little brown bats living in our garage (which is now our studio). Closing in the walls and windows of the studio was one of the toughest things to do (back when we were building it) since I knew it would have a major impact on our bats. Sure enough, between loss of habitat and this white nose disease stuff, we just dont have anywhere near as many as we did a decade ago.

This afternoon was quiet. The phone calls had stopped. Nothing pressing going on in the studio. Dishes had been washed and dinner prep was done. Perfect time for a quick jaunt around the yard to catch what flowers were left after the weekend's rain. The cherry trees look so marvelous! Just had to catch a few images before the sun dropped in the sky.


littlewrenpottery.co.uk said...

Beautiful photos, the light in these is great. I love spring evenings they tend to be much nicer than summer ones. Summer is a bit too hot for me.

Alex Solla said...

Thank you Victoria. We took a wonderful hike tonight as the sun was setting. Hope to get those images on to the blog tomorrow sometime. Great light! When it's there, you have to shoot!!!