Sunday, September 12, 2010

Meant To Write About

When I shot this, back in April 2009, I was on a tear. I had pulled together some of my favorite pots in my collection, shot them from multiple angles, all to show the incredible range of craftsmanship and all the attention to detail. Pottery needs to be handled, but allowing for that impossibility in many cases, I figured images would have to suffice.

Somewhere between then and now, these images got lost in the mountain of photos I keep shooting. So why bring them out now?

Well, Bruce and Samantha at Bulldog Pottery are sending Nancy and I two amazingly beautiful mugs. I seldom find myself going gaga over other potter's mugs. To say these mugs are something special is an understatement.

Bruce and Samantha produce an array of amazing forms with luscious glazes, full of character, detail, crystals and more. Always a surprise. Every time I have shown this pot to another potter, the first words out of their mouths has always been "wow!" I think that says it all.

So how did I come by this yunomi? Back when I was living in Utah, my friend Carrie brought me this Yunomi of Bruce's. She told me that he made this while he was preparing for his graduate exhibition at Alfred (NYSCC). Suffice it to say, I have nothing comparable in my collection! Thank you Bruce for adding a wicked cool yunomi to my collection! I am so excited to know that you and Sam are sending me two new mugs.

2 comments: said...

wow thats a beautiful piece, I love the explosions of colour all over the surface of the pot its fabulous!

Alex Solla said...

Me too. When my friend Carrie gave this to me, I was just floored! I love the soft matte texture to the finish too. Very sweet yunomi.

And the best part is that I am now getting two mugs from Bulldog Pottery... so I will have new work from Bruce and Sam!!! How cool is that?