Saturday, September 18, 2010

Clearing out the magazines

Now that the studio is closed, I am selling/ giving away most of my ceramic magazines including Ceramics Monthly back to the 60s, Ceramic Review (UK), Ceramics Art and Perception, Ceramics Technical, Ceramic Industry, American Craft, Craft Horizons, American Ceramics and more. Make me an offer and they are yours!

This is a MOUNTAIN of journals. I would guess this stash to be at least 200# of magazines. I sure hope someone out there sees this as an opportunity, otherwise these puppies are heading for the recycle center next month.


Sara said...

I would love some magazines from the 60's. contact me at
that is, if there are any left.

Alex Solla said...

Sara- As soon as these are finally all sorted and boxed, I will email the folks who've asked for some. I have had a few very specific requests and some VERY vague. So once those are sorted out, I will let you know what's left.


Acácia Azevedo Studio Pottery said...

If you still have some Ceramics Technical, let me know. I'm interested. I live in Brazil, and it´s very hard to find this kind of magazine here. Thank you! Acácia.

Alex Solla said...

I wish shipping costs were not so high. Getting the Ceramics:Technical magazines to Brazil would cost well over $100. Probably not worth the shipping costs.