Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Still sorting more stuff

Okay... I have collected a mountain of stuff for the pottery studio over the past 20 years.
I mean, we're talking TONS of stuff. The time has come to start saying goodbye to much of it. That said, most of it is now up for grabs. Seriously. My library is now up for sale. I have a great pdf explaining each and every title.... and prices too! Anything that I can't sell (cheap!) to a potter, I will put on ebay at the going rate (which is a lot more than I would ever consider asking of a fellow potter.) [Okay, we have had numerous folks emailing, asking me to send them the pdf for the books.... HERE it is!] (I will do my best to update this daily as books sell)...another caveat: this pdf is 7 pages in color, it isnt a small file, so please be patient while it loads.

I am also getting rid of a lot of display stuff from the studio. Props, plate stands, plate hangars, and miscellaneous stuff one acquires so as to best display one's work. Pictures are available. Suffice to say, if you saw the display stands in any of my earlier studio images... those props are now up for grabs. Make me an offer and I will pack up a box for you.

I am also selling off massive quantities of Mason stains. Obviously, having worked in bright colors, we have a LOT of Mason stains. In many cases, well over 10# of many of some stains. Make me an offer on the whole lot and I will be a happy guy. Otherwise, I start breaking this all down piecemeal. I will probably be grumpy about this in the end.

I have a wonderful digital balance from Ohaus (Scout) model available. $50. CHEAP. Paid over $100 for it and it has been a fantastic addition to my glaze bench.

For folks who weigh out their clay before throwing, I have two medium scales (weigh up to 25#) available. $15 each.

I am happy to ship in whatever manner folks want to pay for. If you happen to live locally, so much the better! Come and get it. I will be making this list more comprehensive in the weeks to come.

Full PDF of the booklist and yes, this is a BIG file. Drink some coffee while it loads.


cookingwithgas said...

I am sending off to a friend who is looking for stuff!

laura weant johnson said...

hi there,
meredith from whynot pottery sent me this link...i'm looking for a digital gram scale. would you be able to ship to nc?

laura weant johnson said...

ps...i'd also love to see the pdf of book titles, if you have it available...thanks

Alice and Cori with Coastal Muses said...

hey hey hey,, first time to your blog - loving the view from here... any chance you still have those mason stains kicking around?- This canadian potter would love 'em. I am just setting up a new studio and need a bunch of stuff - moved from the east to the westcoast.

thanks. www.corisandler.com


Alex Solla said...

There is a huge mountain of stains waiting to be jumped on. Prices are nuts too. Figure less than half what the going rate is at either Axner, Laguna or Bailey. Cheap! And in many instances, we have over 10# of many MANY stains. Email me and we can talk more.