Sunday, December 11, 2011

Joy Tanner's Wonderful Tumbler

One of the greatest things about reading blogs is getting to know people from different regions doing different styles of work. I met Joy Tanner through her blog about 4 years ago. I was immediately taken with her deft touch with her carving and her ability to mesh her design sensibilities with her love for atmospheric firings (wood, soda, and salt).

I think one of the things I love so much about this tumbler is the way the flashing from the firing combines
with the layers of sodium vapor glazing, to create layers of texture and color. The subtle greys and rich reds and browns really capture something that a flat, even coat of glaze could never easily accomplish. In the hand, those textures reveal perfect places to put your hands and lips. In short, it makes the use of the tumbler a very engaging experience!

This tumbler made itself at home in our kitchen immediately, though I have to admit, it is almost never in our cupboard. It winds up being constantly in use, so I mostly get to see it as it heads in and out of the dishwasher. My only regret was not buying at least three of them!

Check out Joy Tanner's blog and catch some of her pottery via her online Etsy shop!


Lori Buff said...

Joy does some amazing work. I'll bet she appreciates knowing that you are loving this piece by using it.

Alex Solla said...

She sure does. I love her latest work! Cant wait till after the holidays... 'cause I want one of her new carved mugs.

Joy Tanner said...

Thank you Alex for writing such kind things about my work! I do love to hear that people enjoy using my pots daily; it's nice to know that each detail I pour myself into within each pot doesn't go unnoticed, which is a big part that makes the whole artistic life and process worthwhile!

Great shot of the tumbler, too! I always loved that one. You really captured it well and all the subtle soda markings!

Joy to you and your family over the holidays!- Joy