Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wicked Little Vase

When I picked up this little vase back in November, I knew it was coming home with me. Renata Wadsworth's pots are like that. You love them instantaneously. They fit right into your hands... and the last thing you want to do is put them down.

We went to her holiday sale with the intention of picking up a few small pots for family members. By the time we left, we owned 4 more new Renata mugs and quite a few other pots. Enough to need a box and then some. Here's the funny part: the only gifts we gave were two small ornaments. We kept all the pots for ourselves. Is that bad?

Renata is getting ready to explore some new directions in her work this winter. Hopefully I can convince her to write about it on her blog and on Facebook. I think it is going to be amazing! Of course, after the firing, I'll be showing off the pots I come home with, right here.


-Rob, Simple Circle Studios said...

That is indeed a first rate pot. And a great picture of it to boot. I wish I could get some pictures of my stuff like that (show applications and all). I got some decent pictures taken by a professional photographer. She deals mostly with portraits though, and photographing pottery is a whole other bag of potatoes.

Alex Solla said...

Thanks for your kind words. Having made pots for over 20 years gives me a slightly different take on shooting pottery. Since my surgery that effectively ended my clay career, my investment in photography tools has made shooting pottery considerably more interesting.

It all boils down to controlling the fall of light and shadow, and watching for distracting glare.

If you'd like, send me a box of pots and I will shoot a few images for you, gratis. If you like them, wonderful. If not, no problem. First round of images is on the house.

Marian Williams Pottery said...

Love, love, love this vase! Great pic! I'm reposting this on my blog!

Marian Williams said...

Just read about your health issues - so sorry! Hope you are doing ok and feeling better. I love your work! Hang in there!