Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spring Days

Spring is Spring-ing. Today the weather was well over 70F which was a shocker. This time last week was cold and damp. Not today! Nancy was able to take half a day off work to come home and help RE-paint the booth. Seems that after three months of painting our booth before Craft Boston had all been for naught. It was scratched everywhere. Just trashed. The new enamel paint is just crap. So, we bought quarts of all sorts of finishes, hoping we could find the perfect paint/finish for our display. After trying every clearcoat, polyurethane, spar, varnish, lacquer and stain combination... none of them were worth the effort. We ended up with wicked cheap paint from Home Depot. Nothing fancy. CHEAP matte flat paint. It isnt at all scratch resistant, but it repaints and retouches EASILY and dries almost instantly. Best of all, it doesn't stick to our pots and supports the way this previous enamel paint sure did.

So, now we are almost done repainting the ENTIRE booth...again. Two times in one year is nuts. We're also still planning to repaint everything in the gallery in the studio too. BUT we may just keep one booth white/cream for doing outdoor shows. This chocolate color REALLY gets hot. Hot enough to warp a hollowcore door in an hour apparently.

Fun stuff. In between painting the booth, trimming ice cream bowls and working on these brochures, I have been planting trees. Pictures to come!

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