Saturday, April 12, 2008

Reflections on Spring

This has been a very strange week. We finally had REAL springtime weather. Some warm sunny days, some rain here and there. Not a bad week. Today was sort of bittersweet. The first of many orders came out of the kiln. Nearly all diner mugs. Two hours later, they were all packed up, boxed and ready for pick up. Couple hours later, they were off to become wedding favors for a wedding two weeks from now. Hopefully we can post some images of these mugs in action after the wedding.

We spent the earlier (sunnier) part of last week walking a lot. Finally warm enough to get out and enjoy the longer days. The image above was shot while we were hiking the lower trail at Taughannock Falls. I love this time of year when the creek runs high and the high cliff trees are starting to think about bursting out. A month from now, we'll have trees fully leafed out, dense canopy of shade below.... Spring is so different. We are still finding ice-falls and rockslides that are active on the sides of the gorge. While we were hiking we watched a few good sized slabs come tumbling down in the afternoon sun. Imagine a case of beer-sized chunk of ice shooting down the side of a cliff... that was us..... watching the ice coming right toward us!

Next week: Daffodils, and more.

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