Monday, May 26, 2008

End of the Day

Memorial Day weekend comes to a close and the prognostication for rain is BUST. I spent the morning watering the transplanted daylilies JUST so it would rain. No avail. After a pretty slow day in the studio yesterday, no customers, a few phone call orders for a wedding registry in California (next weekend)... we decided that today would be even slower in the gallery. Nancy and I had been contemplating a drive to Canandaigua and Pittsford to check out two galleries we've been approached by. What a gorgeous day for a drive!!

Tonight was one of those nights where the humidity came in and sat down to stay for dinner, but no rain came. In the end, as I was weeding an old bed and trying to get ready to add some dahlias, this luscious sunset came right over the pines and nearly screamed at me to pay attention. Not a bad way to say goodnight.

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