Saturday, May 24, 2008

Trimming and Drying in the Sun

Today is one of those truly rare days in the Fingerlakes. SUN SUN SUN, gorgeous puffy white clouds, silky blue sky... nice breeze carrying the sunshine everywhere.

And what am I doing? Trimming. Loading a bisque. Late last night Nancy and I decided we needed more sorbet bowls for the upcoming show at the Kenan Center - 100 American Craftsmen show next weekend. To that end, I threw for a while last night, dried them fast in the sun this morning, trimmed most of the afternoon, and am now sun-drying them further in hopes of loading this bisque and firing it off tonight. Fun and FAST.

My real hope is to be done with the mud part of the day soon so we can go toss the kayaks in the water this afternoon. Nancy hasn't been out on the lake this year yet. Perfect day to put paddles in the puddle!

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