Saturday, May 3, 2008

Saturday and here come the crowds

Starting at about 10am, we started seeing the beginnings of our Spring tourists coming to the shop. I think there is a collective sigh of relief to know that we are still drawing customers in light of the economic dire straights the media hypes so heavily. Mind you, I dont disagree about the economic straights that we are in... but I think the media has definitely created a level of panic that wasnt there and maybe shouldnt be there. From our end, I have seen, both at Wine Trail events and Chamber of Commerce events, this general sense of malaise and resignation. I think this is a self fulfilling promise. Nancy and I used to say, when we first began, Business Is Always Good. Say it often enough, and it starts to seem that is the reality.

In effort to play into the media hype about these wonderful rebate checks coming from King George, we have christened our new Kayak, George. Here's a quick pick.

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