Friday, August 29, 2008

Details .... it's always in the details

In examining lots of spouts on pitchers, my biggest complaint has always been that most would pour horribly, and the rest would dribble or worse. When I saw Mick Casson's pitcher spouts, and later Robin Hopper's... I knew there had to be a way to emulate their spouts.

I think handle attachments are one of the most crucial details for a potter.

All of my bowls are signed in sgraffito through a nice dark slip.

This is the chop Nancy uses to sign her work, along with our studio stamp with our address on it.

I've often been asked what I think separates one potter's work from another's. I think it generally boils down to the details. Any potter worth their salt should be able to throw just about any form with relative ease. That same ease manifests in intrinsically interesting ways when one examines the finishing details more fully. Case in point: Look at feet. Look at spouts. Look at handles and attachments. These details speak volumes about the intimacy a potter expects to share with the user. Careless, casual, attentive, abrasive, conversational, impatient, meandering.... all describe ways of relating to these fascinating details.

My hope is to take more pics over the next couple weeks.... of other potter's work. I would love to open this up to general dialogue. Any ideas are always welcome.


Joy Tanner said...

I agree. It is all in the details. I enjoy emphasizing small details in my work in hopes that others see them when they are viewing or using my pots. It's also such a nice surprise for me when I'm looking at other potters pots and noticing their special characteristics that they took time to reveal. Also, I often feel that you can get a good sense of what a potter is like as a person by their pots.

Alex Solla said...

I think that the details really are the soul of the potter. More than a signature or an affectation. When I look at how my handles have evolved over the past 20 years, they reflect all the various changes I have gone through. Not stylistically like bad 80's clothes, but more like how I felt and what I have learned. More pictures of details coming!!!