Monday, August 11, 2008

What's the Canadian word for awesome?

9298A - untitled

82098I - untitled

We had the pleasure this weekend of meeting some awesome folks from the Greater Toronto Area. Lisa and Steve stopped in our little hamlet on Sunday to look at pottery... but I think I can safely say it was the platters from the Glaze Tectonics series that left them agog. There were two platters they were especially taken with, but they weren't sure enough to make a hard choice on Sunday. Well, fast forward a day and they were back.... but this time, they wanted to see more! That can be hard when these platters are boxed up in huge wooden crates. As luck would have it, we have been shooting ALL the platters over this summer and we have collected enough pictures to say authoritatively, that we have catalogued about 40 platters now. I think...
So we pulled them up on the computer and we leafed through them all. MUCH easier than trying to open boxes of platters that weigh 30-50# each.... much easier.
In the end, two platters found a new home this week. They weren't the ones on the wall of the gallery, but instead one was out in a crate and one was still in the van after coming off the wall from the de-installation (is that a word?) of the Ithaca Ceramics exhibit at the Johnson Museum.
Thank you Lisa and Steve. It was both a pleasure and an honor to share this weekend trip with you both! We'll see you on our next jaunt to Toronto.

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