Saturday, August 16, 2008

Okay, so WHERE are the pots?

I keep asking myself that question. Seems like for every entry about pots or platters, there are 10 entries in this blog about photography. Must mean I have a fun hobby. Hmmm.

This past week was an awesome week for selling pots. The downside to being busy in the shop selling is that I am a whole lot LESS productive in terms of MAKING pots.

Right around the time of night when I would normally be curled into bed, I found myself out in the studio. The music was loud, the lights bright and the pots were flowing from my hands. Oval vases are now stacked up like cordwood all around the studio waiting for finishing today and tomorrow.

Today... BOWLS. I keep saying it but today I HAVE to do it.


Joy Tanner said...

I have the same obsession with photography, which in the end I feel like influences my pots. Keep the photos coming!

Alex Solla said...

Thanks Joy! Love your blog too. Funny how photography can be so liberating! I still cant articulate what I get from photography... but I found a quote I love. A Canadian photographer from Manitoba, Sean McCormick wrote: "Photography for me is like breathing for you. You’ll start to hear gasping sounds when I’m separated from my camera for too long. That’s my soul making the noise."

My daughter says I can go without food longer than I can go without my camera!

Alex Solla said...

Ooops, Sean is actually from Alberta (damned Canadian provinces! kidding)
Also forgot to mention Sean's killer blog.

Joy Tanner said...

Thanks Alex for checking out my blog, too! Sometimes I do make larger bark platters, when I can fit them in the kiln. I love the variations between the ridges of textures.

That quote hits it right. Sometimes I feel like my eyes are macro lenses, and I'll walk around daily composing shots. It's such a fun way of really see. I love when you're in that moment, taking the picture and holding your breath.