Saturday, October 11, 2008

Art Trail Weekend is off to a great start

This Art Trail weekend is off to a wonderful start. The weather is fantastic, sunny and clear, not a cloud in the sky. We had a really nice crowd most of the afternoon. Lots of fun conversations. I love meeting folks who have seen our sign (sometimes for years) and finally decide this is the time to stop in. Everything changes. Once they see the inside of the studio, the gallery, our workspace... it makes everything more intimate, more social, familiar. All good.

Folks think it's very funny when they come through the door and I look just like the guy on the postcard. Yeah. That'd be me three years ago, more hair....

What made the day truly unique and meaningful... had not nearly as much to do with Art Trail or our studio. I FINALLY managed to punch a BIG hole into our stone foundation of our house so I can run a gas line to our studio. Made the hole for the waterline earlier in the week with our friend Jeb. He made it look easy, so I figured I would tackle the gas line on my own. Took most of the day, all of my energy, and ALL of the profanities I could muster. But the rocks parted, the sky smiled on me, and in the end, we have a PIPE sticking out of our basement. The mice think this is cool. Tomorrow, pictures of the holes in the wall and the trench in our driveway.

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