Sunday, October 5, 2008

New Images

one of Evangeline and Paul's beautiful greenhouses in the setting sun

the same greenhouse but about 5 minutes later

We belong to a local CSA (community supported agriculture) every Tuesday night we are off to the farm to pick up the week's produce. Last week the sunset was so incredible, the lighting was awesome.... so Nancy and I decided to stick around a bit and shoot for a while. I LOVE their chickens!


Matt Grimmitt said...

Hey Alex, great pics and those of your cats had us in stitches.
Nice one

Alex Solla said...

Thanks Matt. I was over at your blog last week and I was looking at your sliptrailing designs. It cracked me up that you're now using one of Hannah's trailers! As soon as I saw that, I emailed her to ask for specifics on how to make her version. Still havent found corks pre-drilled around here, but that's what the web is for eh? I'm looking forward to being able to add just a touch more control and hopefully more gesture into my slip trailing.