Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More photos of pots from the past week

I am finally done shooting images for the week. (I hope maybe longer.)
Now I can focus on throwing and trimming to my heart's content. I am looking forward to mixing up some new glaze tests this weekend... in hopes of snaring that elusive new espresso glaze!

In the meantime, I shall suffice myself with some espresso-colored images.


Judy Shreve said...

This was a sweet firing - these pots look great. Thanks for all the photos.

Alex Solla said...

Thanks Judy-

I love the look of black and white. Thanks to Nik Silver Efex Pro, I dont have to suffer from fumes in the darkroom anymore.

My biggest frustration at the moment though, is that it is very hard to find time and SPACE to set up to shoot images. I wish either the studio were larger so I could leave something set up all the time. Or I wish that I could have a simpler strobe set up that would be less bulky and easier to put away at the end of the shoot.

A photographer friend of mine said that you can have it easy, cheap or awesome...but only 2 at a time.