Sunday, January 18, 2009

New pots this weekend

We had some great stuff come out of the kiln this weekend. Still shooting images, so bear with me. I am hoping to add a bunch of new stuff to our Etsy page sometime this week. So, here is a brief preview of pots to come.


Joy Tanner said...

Thanks so much for the green teabowl, Alex! It also arrived on a very cold day. And impressive packing, (hope you didn't mind my recycled packing!) Your teabowl fills in my ever growing collection quite nicely, and I love the faceting and texture, of course! It was neat reading about how much tweaking you had to do to that glaze recipe. After my glaze class, I might be able to keep up with you a little bit now with the glaze terminology! I didn't have as much success (yet) with the mason stains in an engobe I tested, but I think I overpowered them with stains. I'm going to try some new batches where I decrease the stain a bit. Thanks so much again!

Alex Solla said...

I think if I can find the time tomorrow afternoon, I will try to write up some ideas I have for engobes for the salt/soda kiln using mason stains. The primary critical issue is bleaching. The secondary issue is the composition of the engobe/glaze...and compatibility with the stain. In short, you have to design a glaze/engobe knowing what the stain will do without soda/salt. Then the salt/soda mix can add the wetness and magic we all love!

More on this tomorrow. Suffice to say, it is a topic I have wanted to begin writing about. When I talked with Robin Hopper about it over a decade ago he said it was too big a topic for discussion. Too many variables and not enough certainty. Suffice to say, I think that it is RIPE for exploration!