Sunday, January 4, 2009

What's with everyone looking for Kool-Aid to drink?

Over the past few months I have watched with incredulity as more and more folks have signed up to drink whatever flavor of Kool-Aid was offered that week. With no disrespect to those unfortunate souls who followed Jim Jones in 1978 (to their ends I hasten to add)... but what the heck is with the insanity in this country? What gives with the insane push to dumb down America? I know that we lost a great deal by having King George II, for the last eight years, but this devaluation of education has just rubbed me raw for years. It would seem that we are collectively killing off the English language, devestating our educational system and making intelligent discourse a crime! This may sound like harsh criticism from someone who ususally writes about the nuances of mud or playing in the snow... but I am not sure I can take it any more.

For folks who subscribe to the H.E.R.B. principle..... (not sure what HERB is... go check out their website!)

I guess the idea of seeing an end to theocracies is too much to ask for.... but I'm still asking!

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