Wednesday, December 16, 2009

By The Light of The Night

Night falls and with it, energy sags. In this waning miasma Nancy and I find ourselves most every night. I have always wanted to capture the sensation of that glow coming off the computer and how it feels like your energy is being drawn from you bodily. Nancy was a willing accomplice tonight,... for her it was window shopping for shoes. For me, it was getting a chance to play with gelling lights. Too much fun for us both.

Certainly better than what we were doing an hour earlier.... wound care.

Yesterday I went back into the hospital to have those wonderful sutures (otherwise known as shark trolling line) removed from my abdominal wall. Mind you, these were buried about two inches INSIDE me. So yeah, they dug down, through blistered, abscessing wounds, found the blue plastic suture material, and pulled three feet of continuous line out of my body.

That was the good news. Tonight we found out that our local hospital can't bandage worth a damn. They used dry gauze which in a deep wound acts like velcro to fresh tissue. Hurts like a sum-bitch when time comes to yank it out. Seeing as how we have to do this daily, it is infinitely easier and healthier to have moistened gauze. Saline is your friend. These idiots basically made me blow through four massive clots tonight. NOT fun.

Now, an hour later, I can finally relax a bit. Nancy has cleaned me up, repacked my wounds, and bandaged me back up in such a way so that tomorrow night we wont be pulling out chunks of my furriness as we change dressings again. I like my fuzziness best when it stays on the skin-side of the bandage and tape!

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Dirt-Kicker Pottery said...

Ouchhh! That just sounds so painful. I'll bet you're glad that part is over. Cute pic of Nancy :)